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  • Reed based Magnetic proximity switch
  • Float switch
  • Sesor for AGV

Company profile

Company name NA Co., Ltd.
Capital 27,500 thousands yen
President Teruaki Uchiyama
Number of employees 65 people
Main facilities Testing / inspection related Thermal shock chambers / temperature & humidity chambers / noise testing machines / vibration testing machines / insulation testers / toolmakers microscopes / highly accelerated stress test systems / leak testers
Production related Automatic mixing / dispensing machines / magnetizers / demagnetizers / ultrasonic welders / UV furnaces / three dimentional modelers / label printers
Main businesses Development / production / sale of proximity switches, float switches (level switches), sensors / thermal sensors for automated guided vehicles, and various magnetic / photo / laser sensor systems

Moody International Certification Ltd.
Headquaters / Sakuma plant

ISO9001: 2015: aquired in September, 2017 (registration number: 02821)

EcoAction 21


EcoAction 21: aquired in March, 2020 (registration number:0013013)

Reed switch application
Magnetic proximity switch
A magnetic proximity switch using reed switches as a detecting element. (Also called as a magnet switch.) This switch features no power supply required for operating the switch, "zero" power consumption, and a lower price.
Two types are availalbe depending on applications: Normally open type (A contact), and normally closed type (B point contact).
Main application is to detect open/close of doors and to detect passing objects.
Float switch
(level switch)
Detects the level of water, oil, chemicals, drinking water, and the like. This switch also detects boil-dry and overflow.
This switch is also called a level switch or a water level meter.
This switch can apply to from large facilities such as water treatment plants to small equipments such as humidifiers.
Sensor for AGV Three types of sensors are available: Guide sensor for guiding AGV to run along a magnetic tape (guide tape), Address sensor for obtaining the location information of AGV, and Stop sensor for detecting stop location.
Depending on the requirements of customers, either digital output or analogue output type is selected.
Also available are magnetic tapes (guide tape) attached on floors and magnetic rods.
Application <Magnetic proximity switch>
Air cylinders (detecting piston position), embroidery machines (detecting the home position of X-Y tables), elevators (detecting passing objects), parabola antennas (detecting rotation), automatic door (detecting slowdown position), semiconductor manufacturing equipments (detecting door open/close ), shutters (detecting open/close)
Various types of automatic machines (detecting door / cover open/close, detecting passing objects, and detecting the number of revolutions and rotation speed)

<Float switch (level switch)>
Air-conditioners (detecting the water level of drain water), cleaning equipments (detecting the water level of cleaning fluid), compressors (detecting the amount of remaining oil), humidifiers (detecting water level), ice machines (detecging the amount of remaining ice), generatores (detecting the amount of remaining engine oil)

<Sensor for automated guided vehicles>
Directing automated guided vehicles (AGV), acquiring positional information (relative addresses, and absolute addresses), and acquiring information on stop position